Cuenca through the eyes of a child

A trip is always an adventure that leaves memories forever. For children, travelling is also a never-ending source of emotions and knowledge. The interest to discover comes from within, just like the mix that they make of fantasy and reality. Thinking about them, we propose a few places where they can have fun and enjoy extraordinary experiences that they will feel are magical.

Museum of Sciences, in Cuenca

Here they can see the sky full of stars, learn the constellations and learn a lot of things in a fun and interactive way, discovering the whole of the Solar System on this tour. Feeling like if you were travelling through the Universe, you will see fascinating things from outer space and all of the planets, from Mercury to Neptune.

El Hosquillo Natural Reserve, where bears live in the middle of nature!

In the highlands of Cuenca, 28 miles away from the city, you can find the Natural Reserve of El Hosquillo. The abundant pine forest, furrowed by the river Escabas, makes up a beautiful landscape where extensive wildlife species live in full freedom, species such as Hispanic goats, mouflons, deers and birds of prey, among them the Golden Eagle. For forty years, bears have also been one of the characteristics of this landscape. Seeing this natural space as well as the rest of the highlands of Cuenca will be an absolute pleasure. In the town of Las Majadas, you can find Los Callejones, karst formations that resemble narrow streets (callejones in Spanish), where the children can have fun and play; just like in the most famous part of the area: La Ciudad Encantada (The Enchanted City). The car journey feels really short and going through the town of Villalba de la Sierra you come across one of the best viewpoints of the highlands, known as el Ventano del Diablo, from where you can enjoy a different view of this stunning natural environment.